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Tonight You Die – An Unnerving Brutalist Cityscape Explorer

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Tonight You Die – An Unnerving Brutalist Cityscape Explorer

You’re dropped of in a bleak, desolate wasteland of a brutalist city. The only signs of human existence are the lamp posts that slightly illuminate your environment and the sounds of your own echoing footsteps. As you walk around the city, you slowly begin to realize that this is it. That’s what’s here. It’s just you. You’re alone. But are you really?

The only thing that you can know for certain is that tonight, you die.

With the game title as the only clue as to what lies at the end of your questionably solitary exploration, mixed with GRYPT’s equally as ominous soundtrack, it seems as if your own lingering feeling of paranoia is the only thing that ever truly accompanies you.

Overall, the 1st person horror experience is pleasantly spooky. Especially when sitting alone in my room in the dark with nothing but grim and dissonant tones echoing throughout the place over the speakers.

Tonight You Die is available for Mac, Linux, and PC as a free (or pay what you want) game through Duende Games.

You can also check out GRYPT‘s ill-fated soundtrack, as well as other hauntingly gritty remixes below:

Both are available through TonightYouDie.com

Get @ Me:



Author: Crystal Glass


One thought on “Tonight You Die – An Unnerving Brutalist Cityscape Explorer

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