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Soul Love: A Tribute To Ziggy Stardust at Honey Trap – DTLA 1/30

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At the newest art residency Honey Trap in Downtown Los Angeles, 14 musicians paid tribute to the late, great David Bowie. Most of the performed classics were inspired by the first 25 years of his career.


As I entered the room, people were dressed as their favorite Bowie appearance; including myself channeling the Thin White Duke look. There were amazing visuals of Bowie’s vintage videos and live shows were projected by performance artist Peter Kalisch. The crowd was shouting the lyrics to Cellars’ cover of Space Odyssey, later moshed during members of As If, Egrets on Ergots, and Wall of Voodoo bassist Ravens Moreland performed songs from the Spider of Mars era. I even got a chance to sing background vocals during Charmaine’s Names take on my favorite “Modern Love.” Listening to these timeless tracks showcased how influential David Bowie was to the entire musical spectrum.

Genevieve Munroe:



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