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Claycat’s DOOM/DOOM: My Pet Cacodemon

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Lee Hardcastle collaborates with Bethesda and id Software on this bloody gore filled, but funny clay animation of Doom with the Claycat character. There are tons of nostalgic moments from the original game as Claycat blasts his enemies to the intense metal soundtrack from the new reboot, including stages, weapons, and those damn demons!

I love how the Claycat’s facial expression is similar to Doomguy’s, and his cute voice says”mew mew” many times in the video.

The other animation Lee worked on is an odd, 30 second clip of Doomguy feeding a pet Cacodemon and riding through Mars on the beast. Any 90’s young adult who installed the classic on every Windows 95 PC and spent hours on it will truly get a kick out of it.


Genevieve Munroe:



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