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Retrograde: New Adventures in Chiptune // Second Chiptune Compilation Album from I Thought You Were a Marxist Records

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A little over a year ago, netlabel I Thought You Were a Marxist Records scoured the forums of the internet to collect a group of chiptune artists for a Bandcamp compilation release called Operation Fuck the Moon. It was rad (and also free to download HERE) and full of bleepy, experimental chipmusic goodness with mellow, upbeat, dark, and noisey beats thrown together in a sort of “anything-goes” mash up of underground artists.

A follow-up to the compilation, Retrograde: New Adventures in Chiptune, is now online as a free, 10 song digital album on Bandcamp. It features experimental and chippy dance songs from artists involved in the previous album (myself included!), as well as music from a handful of new artists!

Grab your headphones and check it out!

“18 months ago we commenced Operation Fuck the Moon. After impregnating Luna with our 8-bit chunks, we left for a pack of heart containers and never came back. Now we have settled on Mercury and are enjoying the metaphysical inconsistencies that are a result of our new planet’s state of retrograde, and impart it in our art. Here is a collection of musical amalgams; our new adventures in chiptune.”

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Author: Crystal Glass


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