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Dodge Club Party Debut Event @ GIANT ROBOT 2 – LOS ANGELES, CA 2/6

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Dodge Club Party launch party for Wii U and Dodge Club Pocket for mobile at Giant Robot 2!


Included candy and Jibanyan hats!

The super-neon underground rave party sport of Dodge Club Party and Dodge Club Pocket feature the hyper bubbly artwork of Linzb0t and amped-up chiptune music of Tommy Pedrini.


Dodge Club Party is now available on:

Nintendo Wii U eShop

Google Play


The employee training simulator Operator also made its way to the event, where Killigan Industries recruitment personnel were on-site to review their new employees and show them how to successfully not set their Extermination Satellite Control Console into a crushing pit of flames through their touchtone telephone unit… aka howbto call an automated customer service hotline for help with a frustriting and fiery situation while sitting in your intergalactic work station… but, after filling out all of the necessary paperwork, you get an employee ID badge with your picture on it to take with you!

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