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So it Finally Had to Happen…

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I’ve had to start backlogging photos on KillTheNewMedia.com to make room on the site for new galleries, since I have not yet been able to upgrade to a Premium Membership on WordPress. These will be available for $15+ Patreon subscribers, and links to the galleries will posted directly to Patreon.

HERES THE LINK TO KILL THE NEW MEDIA’S PATREON! – https://www.patreon.com/KillTheNewMedia


Cosplay and non-video game culture photos and editorials will be leaving the site first, and the best ones will go in my personal portfolio, which will be publicly available once compiled on a different site. Photos taken by other multimedia artists which need to be backlogged will also be available via Patreon, and posting them elsewhere is their choice to make. However, external links to the galleries they have posted will also be posted to Patreon for $15+ subscribers.

Some changes have also been made to Pledges. Any content that is not video game culture or counter-culture related will NOT be posted to the site, but these photos and editorials will be posted on Patreon for $15 subscribers with private gallery links. This includes convention, cosplay, and high fashion, as well as event and live performance photography.

IN OTHER AWESOME NEWS! I no longer have to attend physical therapy 3 times a week while working a full time day job. This sucked up so much of my time that I could have spent on the site and its content. After 5 months I finally have my life back and its freakin’ amazing.

So expect lots of new content!! I’ll be posting tons of stuff on the site and on Patreon and I’m so excited to share these last few months of music, art, chiptunes, video games, virtual reality raves, neon clothes, pokemon parties, metal shows, and general mischief.

Also, THANK YOU! So many of you have contributed to this site in so many ways. The pledges, the reposts, the video game party invites, the music download codes, the hugs. You’re all so fantastic and your contribution makes this project all the more exciting and really makes this an awesome experience. You da best. ❤

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Author: Crystal Glass


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