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The Smell is Fighting their Demolition Notice with Crowd Sourced Donations

The Smell, an iconic all-ages DIY venue located in the heart of LA, and a crucial staple for the LA music scene, is fighting their demolition notice with crowd sourced donations in order to find a permanent home in downtown Los Angeles.

Jim Smith, the owner of The Smell, along with their pool of volunteer staff that keeps The Smell alive, have launched a GoFundMe campaign with a $1.4 million dollar goal to try to find a permanent home for the community that’s spent almost 2 decades at their current location.

Freq Fest 4 8bitLA 1

Freq.Fest 4


They’re not the only ones being forced to leave their building either. Last Friday, the entire block was slapped with demolition notices from L&R Group of Companies – an L.A based group that owns and operates parking lots.

The Smell, which provides a pretty bare set-up in itself, has been an influential venue for an array of indie and experimental artists, performances, and musicians, and a welcoming home for the local communities that surround them. Covered wall-to-wall in graffiti, art, and stickers, as soon as you enter the venue from the side alleyway (yeah, you go in through an alley) you can tell the show-goers who have attended throughout the years were determined to leave a piece of themselves there in some form or another. You’ll also notice that the venue has a no-alcohol policy, but serves coffee, teas, and a variety of snacks instead, to ensure that the venue stays all-ages and no matter how old or young you are, you’ve got a place to go if you want to get weird.

Doing anything you can to share the fundraiser goes a long way, so if you can, tell people about the GoFundMe campaign and #SaveTheSmell!

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Danimal Cannon at Freq.Fest 4

It’s also home to 8bitLA’s annual chipmusic event, Freq.Fest, which started at the smell 5 years ago and now brings a variety of techy talent from all over the world to LA for three days straight.

To check out our photos from Freq.Fest 4 and Freq.Fest 5 at The Smell, click any of these links below!

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