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New Summertime Chiptune Releases from The Kevin Gnartinez Band

Summer’s here early! The Kevin Gnartinez Band‘s tidal new chiptune pop-punk album, Splash of Summer, is out now on Play it Loud!~

You can stream and download the album from Bandcamp HERE! (Click it!!), which sets you up for the perfect vacation without even having to pack your bags! Limited edition cassettes come with digital downloads of the album, so just in case you to want to go enjoy the sun, you’ve got an electric new tape to strap into your boombox. 😉
The Kevin Gnartinez Band Splash of Summer Play it Loud Chiptune

Check out more releases from The Kevin Gnartinez Band and Play it Loud!

Here- The Kevin Gnartinez Band

And here!- Play it Loud!



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