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8bitLA Presents HACK THE MULTIVERSE – One Week Away!

8bitLA Presents HACK THE MULTIVERSE is only a week away! Our special E3 event is a 3 stage extravaganza featuring 20+ artists & bands performing chiptune, electronic, indie, nerdcore, video game music, and everything in between! It’s like the mega evolution of all of our (sometimes) monthly event, Hack the Planet, and we all know that mega evolutions entail all sorts of badassery and sometimes include cybernetic enhancement chips, so it would be silly of you nerds not to show up 😉

hack the multiverse 8bitLA e3

Here’s the flier I made for the show! It’s inspired by the upcoming event and the boredom between video game load times. SHARE IT! ❤ You can check out more of my art HERE!

If you’re looking for an event to finish off your E3 like the video game rockstar you are, come out to The Airliner (Directions) June 16th! Show starts at 6pm and tickets can be purchased at the door! See you there ❤

FACECBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/1585664448424368/

CURRENT LINE UP (With more announcements TBA!):

Beek (San Diego, CA)
Bleeds (San Diego, CA)
Buried For A Day (Phoenix, AZ)
Chibi-Tech (Tokyo, JP)
Evilwezil (Los Angeles, CA)
Here Between You Me (Los Angeles, CA)
Kevyn Gnartinez Band (Los Angeles, CA)
Kirby’s Dream Band (San Diego, CA)
Little Combat (Pomona, CA)
Meishi Smile (Los Angeles, CA)
Mega Ran (Phoenix, AZ)
NK-Riot (Los Angeles, CA)
oh my muu (Los Angeles, CA)
Paladin Shield (Los Angeles, CA)
Shopboy BB (Los Angeles, CA)
Slime Girls (San Juan Bautista, CA)
Thorny (Los Angeles, CA)
Tonight We Launch (Portland, OR)

DJ Sets:

Captain Backpack
That Guy You Know

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Freq.Fest.v.5.0 Merch and Tunes!

If you weren’t able to grab a Freq.Fest shirt from 8bitLA before the event, don’t sweat it, ‘cus you can still order merch online! The festival shirts come in men’s and women’s styles, and are printed on 100% cotton, neon//pastel American Apparel.

Click HERE to go to the 8bitLA Freq.Fest.v.5.0 Store!

The festival sampler album was also featured on Dj Cutman’s weekly internet show//dance party – This Week in Chiptune! You can check out the hour-long set, which features a handful of artists that played during the three day chipfest, on his Soundcloud and Twitch.

If you’ll be in the LA area for E3 festivities (or even if you’re not!) be sure to come hang out at The Airliner for 8bitLA’s Hack the Multiverse! It’s going to be like all those Hack the Planet shows, ONLY TIMES A MILLION+.

On Thursday, June 16th, over 20 chipmusic artists and video game Djs will be playing in DTLA after everything wraps up at the electronic entertainment expo, so when you’re done playing games, come out and get bleep’d up with us! ❤

June 16 // 18+ //Bar w/ ID // $10 // The Airliner // GET READY!!

Hack The Planet v.6.0. - Casio Dad

Casio Dad // Hack The Planet v.6.0.

It’s also time to renew KillTheNewMedia.com! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I’ve been doing all of this independently. ❤ I’ve been slowing down here and there while adjusting to LA and working in my social life and passions in-between, but pushing yourself beyond your ideas of limits really helps you grow and explore yourself and your practices, and I can look back over the last few years and tell that my abilities have grown so much, and still grow every day! This has been a really amazing experience, to say the very, very least!

If you’d like to support, I have a Patreon! Anything helps really, and all funds are used towards website maintenance, camera upgrades, travel, ect… Help me make this year amazing! ❤ – https://www.patreon.com/KillTheNewMedia

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