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Celebrate Post-Donut Day with Cute Pics from Donut County

Got the post donut-day blues? Don’t be sad, here’s some cute art from Donut County!


Ben Esposito, (AKA TorahHorse)’s, Donut County is a super cutesy physics game about exploring negative space with holes! Think of Katamari, except instead of starting as a small ball that gradually rolls everything up into a giant ball to shoot out into the solar system because your dad likes to destroy universes, you’re a hole that grows as you explore and solve puzzles in the game while sucking everything that you’re large enough to absorb into your bottomless void.


Featured and highly praised at independent gaming events and festivals for excellence in visual art and experimental gameplay, Ben Esposito’s creation is one of many visual/audio projects, one of those recent projects being Anamanaguchi’s Capsule Silence XXIV.

You can check out more of Ben Esposito’s projects HERE!


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