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IndieCade 2015 Awards Show – Glitchy Dance Party, Club Fais Do Do – Los Angeles, CA 10/22

The Awards Show for IndieCade 2015 was lovely. Club Fais Do Do (a club which adapted many exotic and amusing pronunciations throughout the weekend) didn’t look like a very brilliant theater from the outside but, once inside, the Awards Show was a beautifully constructed event. Aside from the upcycled, intricately hand-crafted awards going out to this year’s most impressive games like Donut County (which I’m REALLY looking forward to playing more of, and I would highly recommend to any fans of Katamari and Wattam) and Consentacle (a card game involving tentacles, aliens, and lots of provocative art), the live performances from chiptune and video game music composers, open bar, tacos, and neighborhood cat (affectionately dubbed #IndieCat for the night, but somehow failed to become a trending topic) provided tons of social lubricant and entertainment for the night.


After the Awards Show, the stage also turned into a dance floor, with visuals looking like the glitchy explosions from MYRAID

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