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The Ultimate Collection from Wizwars – Available for a Limited Time on Bandcamp!

Wizwars (aka Kevyn Gnartinez) is a SoCal based chipthrash musician whoes tracks pack punches harder than a Shoryuken. AND GUESS WHAT? Their Ultimate Collection is out now for a limited time HERE on Bandcamp!

This downloadable collection includes:
* Every Wizwars EP / LP / Split / Compilation / EVER, including rare & previously unreleased material
* 31 Original Modplug Files
* 21 Original Famitracker Files
* 89 Original LSDJ Files, including unfinished and unreleased material

All for the low price of $30! Save over $100 from purchasing each release separately on Bandcamp!

You can check out individual albums from Wizwars at https://wizwars.bandcamp.com/music.


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